Building Capacity and Capability through world leading accredited Education Led by Shanghai Jiao Tong University and in collaboration with the world‘s top universities,

Carbon Valley is facilitating a world-class low-carbon Institute in Lingang Shanghai.

The Institute will focus on the provision of executive and graduate education to the top talent in China and Globally focusing on the low-carbon curriculum, including: Carbon Finance, Carbon Capture & Storage, Climate Change Policy, Carbon Management, Built Environment, Marine Environment, Renewable Energy and Environmental Sustainability.

Degree Education
  • International Collaborative Education
  • International Student Exchange
  • Dual-Master
  • Joint Collaborative PhD Programmes
  • Research & Development
  • National Standard Laboratory
  • Cross-board,Cross-sector R&D topics
  • Technology Incubator
  • Foster International entrepreneurship
  • Help Low Carbon technology related Start-ups
  • Share resources,management expertise,and intellectual capital