Our Mission

The LCC is a collaborative platform dedicated to creating a sustainable commercial ecosystem in a low carbon space. Our mission is to drive low carbon development through policy initiatives, capital investment, technological innovation, and community relationships. We engage with the global community to foster relationships, pursue technological partnerships, and create investment opportunities across China.

With a comprehensive policy-action package, the Shanghai Government is at the forefront of China’s strategy to lower carbon emissions and improve environmental quality across the country. The ultimate goal is to foster a low-carbon economy by giving primacy to energy efficiency in “new” development and retrofitting and rebuilding “old” facilities that are currently threatening the environment.

Sustainable development gained momentum during the Shanghai Expo 2010 and has accelerated with bold initiatives, specifically in the creation of Low Carbon Zones. These Shanghai Zones, as well as those across the nation, will unite all levels of government with businesses and social communities. They are designed to showcase best practices, technological and business opportunities, and foster education in low-carbon techniques. Both technology and investment (private or public, foreign or domestic) will be leveraged to facilitate “decarbonisation” towards a Low Carbon Economy.

In support of Shanghai’s low-carbon policy agenda, we have created a number of collaborative initiatives that will promote renewable energy, clean technologies, low-carbon materials, and green-design practices. These initiatives will help establish and develop Low Carbon Zones. In pursuit of the same cause, we are staging the 3rd Shanghai-London Low Carbon Forum April 2016.