As part of our mission to promote low-carbon initiatives, we leverage our professional resources and international connections to assist members of the Low Carbon Community. An important part of our mission is to facilitate technology transfer between China and the rest of the world. We work with:

*  Foreign companies: Explore market opportunities in China, and secure contracts, through market research, sales and marketing, establishment of sales channels and application platforms

*  Chinese companies: Reach out to export markets, directly or through channel partners, by identifying market opportunities, executing sales strategies and managing partnerships

We work closely with our local government partners in China, mobilizing the necessary technical resources and leveraging our relations in environmental-technology and green-finance communities:

*  Low-carbon strategies: We develop environmental plans to achieve carbon-reduction targets by combining design, development, retrofitting, recycling, reclamation and new-energy initiatives

*  Project implementation: We develop specific project proposals with the right mix of technology elements, financing sources and management resources, and see them through implementation

In our finance-facilitation role, we work with both project sponsors seeking investment, and investors deploying capital in the low-carbon space, be it in technology, buildings, infrastructure or services:

*  Investment plans: Working with project sponsors (corporate or government) we develop business plans and financing strategies that can be presented to suitable investors or funds

*  Finance vehicles: Based on our understanding of financing needs (equity or debt) we develop financing instruments that suitable investors (foreign or domestic) can deploy capital through